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Friday 31 May 2013

G2 Slug & Snail progress report

Sales to garden centres have exceeded expectation, a lot of interest and support from garden centre buyers predominantly because of the safety factor particularly pets. Also because it doesn't harm the molluscs and has no impact on the soil there is real peace of mind for the buyer.
We are presently updating our on line 'buy it here' page to add a shopping cart which will allow multiple or combination purchases without being hit with excessive postage

I am using G2 at home on a clump of hostas in a shady area of our garden next to a wall-  a real test!
Strangely I still see snails in the plant on an evening and yes there is a little damage (you can see possibly in the image) but other years the clump has been dessimated (I have never used any other slug control as we have an amazing range of birds visiting our garden from the ancient woodland in the valley) the other point is, perhaps you will see from the image, while the clump on the left gets a good soaking top and bottom, the clump on the right gets merely drift and not directly sprayed. I wanted to do this to see the difference in growth, and now after a month of treatment  you can see the left hand clump romping away.

Gardeners (and growers) are so used to using chmicals that kill pests outright and given the right conditions leave our plants untouched - obviously there are consequences to this ie. effect on other non target wildlife , and the affect on the soil and its micro organisms aswell as safety to people and pets.
My feeling is we need to be a little less ruthless about our pest control in future, perhaps accept some slight damage or blemishes to our plants but in the knowledge that you are having negligible impact on the environment and actually helping to feed other wildlife and making a healthy strong plant!