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Tuesday 16 July 2013

G2 concentrate out in the autumn

We have been very pleased with the uptake and feedback regarding G2 (against slug & snail damage) 
We started with the 'ready to use' product as a way of testing the market - it was always our intention (if successful) to bring out a concentrate, which you the gardener can dilute down into your own sprayer, making it more cost effective for larger areas and repeat applications.

SO...... given how well G2 has been received from those of you looking for a safe and effective solution - this Autumn we aim to bring out a 750ml concentrate which will make up to 21 litres of ready to use product and cost in the region of £14.99.

Our website has been updated recently to make it easier to puchase Grazers on line particularly for multiple and combination buys.
Postage prices have jumped radically this year making us appraise how product is sent out. As it stands any one bottle of Grazers will cost £5.90 to post -  however by using a carrier we are able to send out any quantity above this at the same £5.90 carriage
So 1 bottle or 10 bottles of any combination will cost £5.90 p+p
(this is relevant to UK only - worldwide sales please continue to contact us for details)
As part of the upgrade we have amended our 'local stockists guide' to include what products each garden centre stocks eg. Grazers 375ml + Grazers G2 or just Grazers 375ml.. I still recomend phoning the relevant garden centre first to make sure they still have stock on the shelf.

Thank you and enjoy the glorious weather we are having at the moment.

Ancient woodland in the summer sky at Gill Bank