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Thursday 17 April 2014

Peace of mind when spraying new growth in the garden

Spring is definitely here as are the pests!
If you are seeing damage occur on newly emerging seedlings or plants eg Hostas (see image below) whether its slug, snail, rabbit, pigeon or deer! it is safe and effective to spray new growth now with Grazers G1 - effective against rabbit, pigeon, deer damage or G2 slug & snail and right through the season while plants are growing and at risk. Remember Grazers benefits the plant and is safe for people, pets and planet.
Happy Easter


Note: seedlings grown first in the greenhouse should be fully hardened off before planting out  treating with G2 slug & snail ie. moved outside gradually over the week before finally planting out and spraying, this is partly due to a risk from scorch from the spray but also in case temperatures drop at night which can also scorch the plant.