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Saturday 14 June 2014

Sunday Telegraph

"As for the slugs and snails, I am happy to say that they are disappearing fast, leaving my vulnerable French beans, dahlias, and tobacco plants to get on and grow. I have sprayed my plants with Grazers G2 formula (Grazers also make another very useful organic deterrent that stops rabbits, pigeons, deer and geese munching through your roses). G2 is a calcium chloride-based product that actually strengthens and stimulates the growth of the plant but makes it unattractive to slugs and snails. Crops can be eaten (by us) safely after application. Beer traps, slug pellets and the like attract pests towards them so you do pull in more pests, but with G2 the local population of slugs and snails go elsewhere to munch and in turn be munched by the birds. G2 is widely available as a concentrate (makes 10 litres) at £9.99."
by Bunny Guiness Garden writer and presenter