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Wednesday 11 November 2015

'Dunking' Christmas trees against rabbit and deer damage

 Any new plant is at risk from damage from rabbits and deer. For a commercial grower planting 1000's of trees the damage can be devastating.

GRAZERS G1 has been used on forestry planting and tree nurseries successfully since its first discovery in 1999.
Given my background in commercial tree production I wanted to see GRAZERS work on the huge range of plant material being grown in the UK.


      GRAZERS G1 trial (1999) used on Douglas fir seedlings in a nursery bed . Plants in the background were treated while those in the   foreground were left untreated. Damage seen here occurred overnight

Over time as we talk to growers we learn how GRAZERS use is being adapted to fit within busy production schedules.
Recently Adrian from Plantation Lodge spoke to us about how they use a strong solution of Grazers (4x the recommended rate ) mixed with 20 litre water in a bucket and literally dunking the bundles of seedlings (like those in the image below)
Once the tops have dried they can then be planted out (see image below) It makes life so much easier, with no sprayer involved and its safe so there is no risk to the 'dunker'. It means GRAZERS is on the plant before it goes into the field with minimum hassle.