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Tuesday 23 October 2012


We have exhibited at the Cereals event (arable trade show) for the last 4 years.
It has always been a busy and worthwhile show. Being able to talk to arable farmers who are our key customers is priceless! Not only can we pass on advice or guidance on how to use Grazers for maximum benefit on specific crops or situations, but more importantly we get feedback from the farmer on how they are using it most effectively in the field.
This year Cereals 2012 was our busiest ever, with some excellent contacts. Sue, although new to Grazers, was keen to help out and, despite being evacuated from the hotel at 4am because somebody had had a crafty fag in their bathroom, setting off the fire alarm, we managed to keep awake and talking for the 2 days.

One interesting contact was a farmer from Tasmania who came straight to our stand and collared Sue
" Hey this here Grazers! "-   Sue was slightly anxious being her first time at the show and still getting her head round the product -  what was this man going to come out with?  -"Its ruddy fantastic! You sent as a sample last year, we sprayed the headland (24m) round the worst edge of a field of wheat,  and the wallabies never crossed it, or the wild chickens! " Sue,  her poise and professional hat firmly back on, then got the gentleman to talk to other visitors to the stand to extoll our product. Fantastic!