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Tuesday 13 November 2012

Grazers tonic

November is here and I am still reading damp reports in the farm press regarding the state of cereal production on farms up and down the country. A very trying year for all growers. Some counties have only managed to do 30% of normal planting due to sodden ground conditions. If this isn't bad enough, crops that have been sown are struggling because a) continuous wet weather makes germination difficult  and b) heavy persistent rainfall has washed out the nutrients essential for early plant establishment and preparations for getting through the winter.

I thought it worth mentioning the additional tonic effect of using Grazers. Being totally made up from trace elements (minor nutrients) it is very safe to spray from early signs of leaf emergence. Also becauseit is a liquid, Grazers is absorbed straight into the plant (foliar process) and doesn't need to wait to be absorbed by struggling roots. (that is why if there is green showing, it is usually a good tome to spray) 

So because of the nutrients in it, and because of the way it can get into young plants, Grazers is positively beneficial and can be a great tonic to struggling crops.
I know of farmers who have used Grazers specifically on stressed crops eg. young sugar beet plants which have been under water and gone blue, a treatment has given the plants a gentle kick start back to health again.

This is also a critical time for rabbit and pigeon damage so it is the ideal time for Grazers application to be effective against damage.