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Tuesday 15 January 2013

Happy New Year from snowy Cumbria

Happy 2013! from a snowy Eden Valley, Cumbria.

The days are slowly drawing out, but today we are having a sudden reminder that winter is still very much with us as we take the kids down to the school bus in fresh overnight snow.
It is good in many ways that we always get a natural break in business over Christmas, as Grazers is a  seasonal product and, depending on whether you are a farmer or gardener or grounds person, application is still dependant on planting seasons and of course our 'interesting' weather patterns.
This, I expect, will change when we start trading more in the southern hemisphere!
It feels exciting to get back to business in January and this year we seem to have got off to a good early start.  All the small bottles  (375ml) that we stockpiled before Christmas, ready for dispatch in early spring, went out in orders during the first week in January. So, once the snow has gone, Nicola will be back in the barn bottling again to keep in front of orders!  Our goal is to get orders out within 48hrs, whether they are direct from private online customers or from new or existing trade customers. Particularly in the spring, summer and autumn, when crops/plants are most at risk we understand you don't want to be waiting for delivery, so all orders are sent either first class post or by overnight courier.
Back to work now - but next time I'll fill you in on some more interesting feedback from Western Australia regarding parrots!!

Wishing all our customers a prosperous year ahead and a better year for growing!
Thank you for your continued custom.

From Jonathan, Sally, Nicola & Sue