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Wednesday 6 March 2013


It's great to get positive feedback about Grazers from other countries, particularly where the climate is very different to the UK . Its even better when we here positive news regarding different pests.
So it was interesting  to hear back from a gentleman from the Dept of Agriculture in Western Australia who has been conducting his own trials with Grazers against PARROTS - a major pest for growers and gardeners alike in Australia. A couple of examples are listed below.
1.     On Cape lilac – normally very severe damage from parrots, but so far with the double rate every 2-3 weeks, damage has been almost zero
2.     On European oaks – normally light to moderate damage but so far has been very low
He makes it clear in his that the best effect is when there is good leaf coverage, and some species saw less damage than others.
It was also interesting to note from the report the difference in growth between treated and untreated evergreen oaks – he observed a surge in growth of up to 1 metre after 1 treatment. I must emphasize that this is in the Australian climate where the growing seasons and rates are more extreme than our rather cooler conditions - but it does go to show that even if we in the UK don't see the same marked difference in growth patterns, Grazers is having a positive effect on plant health!