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Friday 28 August 2015

Sheep !!

Eileen Clayton got in touch with us earlier in the summer, she  organises the gardens on the Ffestiniog Railway and on the Welsh Highland Railway. 
"I work as a volunteer Bedgelert Station on the Welsh Highland Railway. On two of our stations we intermittent have problems with sheep.  It will make so much difference to the appearance of the stations if we could at least have a few troughs of flowers".

We sent her some product to try and last week we received this reply from Eileen.
"You kindly sent us some of your Grazers G1  solution which we have tried for a couple of months this summer.  It seems to have worked well as long as we re-sprayed after heavy rain.  We have had no significant grazing problems.  We will certainly use it again next year and hope the same results will be repeated".
Note: Eileen used a stronger than normal mixture to get the message across quickly. Grazers is a very safe solution and it is OK to apply at much stronger rates than is on the label. whilst this isn't normally necessary it can be a useful tool to get the message across quickly and then reduce the rates once you see an effect.