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Friday 17 April 2015

A little helpful advice now spring is here!

Remember it is safe to spray Grazers G1 - rabbits, pigeon etc  and G2 - slug & snail onto hostas and other plants, edible or ornamental,as the new growth emerges in the garden  which is also when they are very prone to damage.
Hostas and other perennials send up succulent spikes in spring (see image) which usually coincides with emerging hungry pests, furry or otherwise.
Grazers is very effective at this stage and actually benefits the plant due its nutrient content.
Seedlings raised in the greenhouse (image below) are very tender and sensitive so should be hardened off before treatment ie. brought outside for increasing lengths of time during the day and brought back in at night over the space of  a week, after about a week of this process then normal spraying can proceed.

Also remember all Grazers products are safe to spray in the garden whether there are children or pets.
They don't even harm the pest!

Happy Gardening!